About Us

Right To Travel Agency is a full service travel agency lunched in Pretoria (South Africa) in 2011. We here to make your travel dream a reality through the usage of our best assests:

  • The experience and dedication of our team

  • Our ability to Provide the best option and price

  • Our capicity to help our clients save money & time

  • The knowledge of our products that give our consultants the ability to handle most of the stressful cases

  • The experience and viability of our partners all over the world

  • Our ability of creating and managing a passionate work culture in our environment by applying the following roles: Hire the right people/Communicate/Tend to the weeds/Work hard and play hard/Be ambitious/Celebrate differences/Create the space/Take the long view.



Provide our clients with effective support in planning their trip, obtaining their travelling visa, and spend the most beautiful moment upon arrival at destination.





Give everyone the opportunity they deserve to travel and enjoy the pleasures, opportunities and challenges offering  by mother nature.


Assist  our valuables clients in the process of obtaining the right to establish and built a new life where ever they choose to live.





  • Travelling experts

  • We deliver as promised,

  • Take ownership of our mistakes and fix them.

  • Together we capitalize each other’s skill as a team

  • The satisfaction of our clients is  our first priority

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